Bulk Handling

Bulk handling (including Break Bulk) is operated at Belview Port through licensed stevedores: Southeast Port Services and Suir Shipping.

Both stevedores have a wealth of experience, are highly flexible and use the latest equipment. There is a substantial laydown and marshalling area available on-site. In addition, both stevedores have significant storage capacity nearby.

Cargo handling equipment:

2 x Liebherr 280 harbour mobile crane 1 x Liebherr 250 harbour mobile crane 2 x Liebherr fixed arm cargo handlers
84 tonne lift capacity

30 m3 grab

1500 tonnes per hour

50 tonne lift capacity

20 m3 grab

800 tonnes per hour

With variety of grabs for loose/dry product, timber and bales

LH110 – 800t/hr

LH60- 500t/hr


Variety of ancillary handling equipment Ancillary services
Breakbulk load spreaders

Volvo loading shovels


11 m3 cactus grab (for scrap cargoes)
350 tonnes per hour

Weighbridges (x2)

Fresh Water supply