Waterford Harbour

We are the greenest, most direct route to Europe and a gateway to key global markets.

We are the conduit for new trade opportunities, linking international businesses seamlessly with their markets in Ireland.

As Waterford harbour is an estuary, various navigational and operational factors need to be considered including tide, depths and marked navigation channel. There are no beam or air-draft restrictions. Ships up to c. 32,000 dwt may be handled subject to tide, however to ensure safe navigation, pilotage is compulsory. Vessels greater than 170m length overall (LOA) may be accommodated, however need to be planned in conjunction with the Harbour Master.

Port Facilities

Our Port Parameters

Ships calling to Port of Waterford are typically met between Hook Head and Dunmore East.

Our Pilots will assist with the job of navigating through Waterford Estuary, from Dunmore East to Belview Port and Waterford City. There are no beam (width) or air-draught (height) restrictions and the journey through the marked navigation channel to Belview usually takes about an hour and fifteen minutes.

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Cruise Calls

Because of our stunning location in the gorgeous south east region, we have the privilege of welcoming many cruise ships, from all across the globe, each year.

We’re passionate about growing and promoting tourism in the area to help promote awareness for the area and bring vital business to our local economy.