We’re a diverse team with one common purpose…

To bring our port, our people and our communities closer to the world through trade, economic development and sustainable growth.

Our people

Together we are better. We work alongside our partners, neighbours and the local community to help to build a stronger, more collaborative environment. That way all our boats will rise together, nurturing a collective responsibility for our region and creating even more opportunities for everyone.

What we do

We connect companies with their key trade destinations in the most efficient, effective and sustainable way possible. The south east region of Ireland has significant untapped potential. Our goal is to make sure our clients can take advantage of this strategic location, bringing them closer to lucrative new markets both in Ireland, Europe and beyond.

Our values

Honourable: we act with integrity and sincerity, being honest and fair in our dealings.

Bold: we are driven, agile and fresh, brave and do the right things for the right reasons.

Can do: we are optimistic, friendly and approachable.

Ours: we are local, with pride in our community and our Port. We have a genuine regard for our stakeholders, partners and shared environment.