25 March 2024

Waterford and South East WindEurope2024

Port of Waterford was part of the Ireland team at Wind Europe 2024 in Bilbao, showcasing the potential for the South East to be able to serve the Offshore Wind sector which help maximise the potential of wind as renewable energy.

Waterford is ideally situated closest to the Celtic Sea area, providing ease of access to Designated Maritime Area Plan (DMAP) sites off the South coast, with existing and planned port infrastructure, as well as local expertise and support services.


Why choose Ireland South East?

Ireland South East has a significant manufacturing and maritime history. Now the region is working together to ensure the offshore wind industry is at the heart of our future economic development.

Our existing port infrastructure and our geographical proximity to the south coast wind farms make the region the ideal location to service and manage offshore renewable energy projects from.  With signicant projects in the pipleline,  5GW of grid-connected offshore wind by 2030 2GW of non-grid connected,  access is key:

  • 2 Ports, Airport and Motorway Connectivity
  • Home to companies playing a pivotal role in the global OWE sector
  • Fastest sea journey times to the South Coast wind farms
  • 40k+ Industrial sector workers


For more information regarding the South East Offshore Taskforce, contact: richard@irelandsoutheast.com