12 May 2023

Retirement of one of Waterford’s unsung heroes, mooring linesman, Seamus Healy

This weekend marks the retirement of one of Waterford’s unsung heroes, mooring linesman Seamus Healy.


One of the unseen but vital links in the shipping industry are mooring personnel.  Every ship needs to be tied up safely and efficiently at mooring berths when they arrive at port.  In Port of Waterford, Seamus Healy has literally tied up and let go 1000’s of ships over the past 4 decades.


All at Port of Waterford, included Harbour Masters, pilots and marine operatives, want to acknowledge Seamus’s contribution to the local port and shipping community, and how he has facilitated shipping, day and night, all year round.


Seamus’ work and legacy will continue with his son Ray taking over the business, serving local shipping needs.


We wish Seamus well in his retirement and being able to spend time with his wife Margaret and family.