30 March 2022

Notice of Maintenance ploughing campaigns

Maintenance ploughing is to be undertaken at Cheekpoint Lower Bar on the below approximate dates in April 2022:

01/04/2022 to 07/04/2022
16/04/2022 to 22/04/2022

Ploughing may also be undertaken in the Cheekpoint Harbour Access during the above periods.

The vessels to be used for the operations are the “Fastnet Sound” and/or “Glenesk”. The vessels will maintain a continuous VHF watch on Channels 14 & 16, and will display regulation shapes and lights as per I.R.P.C.S.

All vessels approaching the area of operations should communicate with the vessels on Channel 14 and proceed with caution, giving them a wide berth.

Ref: Notice to mariners no. 5 of 2022