New report highlights the heritage opportunities of Waterford Estuary

New report highlights the heritage opportunities of Waterford Estuary

Posted: May 21 2021

A brand new report titled ‘The Maritime Heritage of Waterford Estuary’ which has been commissioned by Port of Waterford highlights the variety of opportunities to develop and promote the estuary.

The report, which is now available to view online at, offers an overview of the natural and cultural heritage of Waterford Estuary, outlining opportunities for the future sustainable development, promotion and preservation of this heritage that could benefit the estuary community.

Port of Waterford’s Heritage Committee Chairman, Joe Dreelan  said, “This report is an important publication as it helps to place a framework around potential collaborations in order to achieve a number of objectives; including increasing the awareness of the maritime heritage of Waterford Estuary; contributing to a sense of community, pride and place through sustainable social and economic development and work towards strengthening and building on current community development projects such as those funded by FLAG and LEADER in order to promote, preserve and enjoy our unique maritime heritage.”

Within the report, which was written by Marine Resource Economist Dr Naomi Foley, some of the opportunities highlighted include the possibility of developing sensitive tourism initiatives and community projects that will help maintain the boat building, fishing and maritime skills developed over centuries.

Welcoming the publication of the report CEO of Waterford Council Michael Walsh said, “Waterford Estuary has a rich maritime heritage and we are delighted to see the breadth of potential opportunities for potential future engagement and development across the areas of natural and cultural heritage. We look forward to collaborating further with Port of Waterford to investigate the possibility of these project proposals. We have seen the success of the Waterford Greenway and note the proposition of a Waterford Estuary Blueway which is certainly something that is on our radar.”

Chief Executive of Wexford County Council Tom Enright says, “The publication of The Maritime Heritage of Waterford Estuary is very welcome and timely.  The Waterford Estuary has a unique and fascinating history and natural heritage, the story of which should to be told to a much wider audience.  The compilation of information in this book should help to draw attention and funding opportunities to the potential to develop the estuary and surrounding area while at the same time preserving and protecting its wonderful natural and built assets.”

The report gives us a full account of how the villages on both the Wexford and Waterford sides of the estuary became such vital cogs in the trading success of Waterford City and the wider Southeast, and laterally how fishing became central to the villages’ economic wellbeing. In commissioning and championing this report, Port of Waterford wishes to acknowledge the role Cheekpoint, Passage East, Duncannon, Dunmore East, Ballyhack and Arthurstown played in the Port’s development over the generations.

The full report can be viewed at