About Us

About Us


Our vision is to be the preferred cargo gateway for the South East Region.


Our mission is to provide infrastructure and services to enable trade and economic development in the Region.

Our Values

We carry out our work with the following values:

  • Honourable - we act with integrity and sincerity, being honest and fair in our dealings.
  • Bold - we are driven, agile and fresh, brave and do the right things for the right reasons.
  • Can do - we are optimistic, friendly and approachable.
  • Ours - we are local with pride in our community and our Port, supportive and with a real regard for our stakeholders, partners and shared environment.

Organisational Structure

Port of Waterford Organisation structure


We are bound for the Code of Practice for the governance of State Bodies, and we employ Codes of Practice for Directors and Employees.


In accordance with EU Port Services Regulations, Port of Waterford has a complaints procedure in place.


We operate within the Waterford Harbour/Estuary Community, and engage with members of this community in a way that is consistent with our values. We recognise the special relationship and shared history that the Port has with the city of Waterford. We build on existing relationships and develop new ones in the whole South East Region.

We also participate in several social programmes around our harbour, including:

  • Junior Achievement
  • Port Sailing Bursary