Containerised cargo

Rail Freight

Container Maintenance Services

Bulk and Breakbulk cargo

Liquid bulk cargo

Project cargo

Storage Facilities

Containerised cargo

Quay Length Depth Facilities

 450 metres

8 metres

2 x 40t wide-span 50 tonne gantry cranes
Maximum span 28 metres
1 x Reachstacker
200 Refrigerated points
4 Rail sidings under cranes

Containerised cargo is discharged/loaded by using 2 high speed wide-span gantry cranes.  Containers are stored under the cranes, minimising the number of moves and thereby increasing efficiency.  Road and rail transport are processed under the crane to/from container stack or ships hold. 

The whole operation is performed on an integrated terminal management system, covering yard, gate, rail, road and ship operations.

Stevedoring is performed by Waterford Container Terminal Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Port of Waterford.  It’s dedicated staff are customer focused, very experienced and extremely flexible.

Rail Freight

Iarnród Éireann Freight is a separate division of Iarnród Éireann.

A comprehensive range of rail freight services for the Bulk Freight, Intermodal and Freight Forwarding markets are provided.

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Container Maintenance Services

Waterford Container Terminal (WCT) contracts the services of a dedicated maintenance company on-site and this ensures the smooth running of the Ports gantry cranes, terminal equipment and servicing the needs of container lines (reefer monitoring, repair, PTI, cleaning).

This maintenance company, Belview Technical Services (BTS), has facilities and technology to monitor reefer units, crane maintenance and repair of any type, among a diversified range of services. 

See more on our Container Maintenance Services


Bulk & Break bulk cargo

Quay Length Depth Facilities

400 metres

8-9 metres

2 x 50t mobile harbour cranes
20 m3 grab
11 m3 cactus grab
Mobile cranes – private hire
Ancillary equipment

Stevedoring is performed by Southeast Port Services. Bulk and breakbulk cargoes are stevedored with ample on-quay short-term storage.

In addition, there is a private perth for discharging cement material and general cargoes.

Quay Length Depth Facilities

120 metres

9 metres

1 x 100t mobile harbour crane
12m3 grab
400 t/hour pneumatic discharge unit
Mobile cranes – private hire
Ancillary equipment

Stevedoring is performed on this private quay by Stokestown Port Services.

There is a choice of two weighbridges servicing both facilities.


Liquid bulk

Quay Length Depth Facilities

 240 metres

9 metres

Ship-shore pumping
Loading arms
Oil storage

This private berth at Great Island has an oil pipeline connecting to land-side storage tanks.  This facility, formerly owned by ESB, is now owned by Scottish Southern Energy (SSE).  Pilotage and berthing arrangements should be made in liaison with Harbour Master.


Project cargo



  • Proven track record in handling various types of project cargo, including, more recently, the process equipment for the new Glanbia at Belview Port (pictured above).
  • Experienced stevedores on both container and bulk quays
  • On-site storage capacity
  • Open storage adjacent to quay, for long term storage.



Storage Facilities

Bulk Storage

  • 160,000 sq.ft. (third party) and planning permission for additional capacity
  • 109,000 sq.ft. (third party)
  • A further 110,000 sq.ft. (third party) is being constructed, and partially ready for use. (Oct 2012)

Palletised Storage

  • 270,000 sq.ft. (third party) - including ambient temperature controlled)
  • ISO9001 and regulatory authorities approved facilities for the pharmaceutical and food sectors.
  • Within 300 metres from Port entrance

Specialised Ambient and Cold Storage

  • 104,000 sq.ft. (third party)
  • ISO9001 and EU, Customs and regulatory authorities approved facilities
  • 6 kms from Port.


Additional storage facilities are available within 3 kms of Port.

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