New online parking payment available at Port of Waterford Car Parks

New online parking payment available at Port of Waterford Car Parks

Posted: October 27 2017

Port of Waterford is delighted to announce the introduction of the parkpnp online payment facility to their Clyde Wharf and Merchants Quay car parks on the Quay in Waterford.

In addition to coin and card payment options, customers can now pay and park using their phone, tablet and computer.

By logging onto, users can type “Waterford” into the search window, and three parking options will appear on the map of the Quay with the following rates on offer:

  • Clyde Wharf Short-Stay Car Park – from €1.80 per hour – 200 spaces
  • Merchants Quay Short-Stay Car Park – from €1.60 per hour
  • Merchants Quay Long-Stay Car Park – €4.40 per day, and a special rate of €20 per week

Port of Waterford will absorb all fees involved, save the 30c handling charge to the registered user each time they use their credit or debit card to buy parking.

The 200 space Long-Stay zone (from the Bus Station to the Rice bridge) of the Merchants Quay car park caters for city centre workers with the special online weekly rate of €20. They can have the convenience of being able to pay for their week’s parking in advance of Monday morning, and when they arrive, they can just park and head straight to work without having to buy a ticket at a pay machine.

map of merchants quay long stay car park

The 160 space Short-Stay zone of Merchants Quay towards the roundabout will be reserved for shopping, tourism and business visitors, the lifeblood of the city centre commercial activities.

The 200 space short-stay car park at the Clyde Wharf opposite the GPO provides parking in close proximity to the City centre for customers approaching from the densely populated southern side of Waterford.

map of clyde wharf car park

The car parks are managed by the Port of Waterford Company with the assistance of local firm S-Security, and the partnership with parkpnp will enhance the convenience and quality of the offering to customers.

On a related matter, Port of Waterford are delighted to be able to accommodate the Ferris wheel in the car park at the Gladstone Street roundabout for Winterval this Christmas.