Masterplan 2020 - 2044 Consultation

Masterplan 2020 - 2044 Consultation

Posted: June 15 2019

Port of Waterford Company (Port of Waterford) is the commercial state company responsible for the operation and development of Waterford Port. The Port’s proposed masterplan is now open for consultation.

The following documents are carried on the MASTER PLAN section of our website :-

1. Masterplan 2020 – 2044     Summary  - for Consultation

2. Masterplan 2020 – 2044     Draft - for Consultation

3. Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)    - for Consultation

4. Appropriate Assessment (AA)     - for Consultation

5. Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)     - for Consultation

6. Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Report

7.Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report


You are invited to attend one of our two open Consultation meetings to be held on the 26th June 2019 at 11.00 and at 14.30 at

Port of Waterford,

4th Floor, Marine

Point Belview Port,

Waterford X91 W0XW

Port of Waterford management and members of the professional support teams will be available to answer your questions and discuss the Masterplan.  A further consultation will be held on the 18th July in the Passage-East/Cheekpoint area for local interest groups and we will advertise details at a later date.

NOTE: The consultation period closes on 31st July 2019


The Masterplan

(Documents 1 & 2)

This plan will provide the framework to allow Port of Waterford bring forward essential projects for planning and consent purposes as required. It will also clearly convey the scope of the Ports potential to deliver for the broad range of stakeholders and will form a solid basis for the future formulation of ports and logistical policy at National level.


In developing our first formal Masterplan, Port of Waterford has: -

  • Invested in and worked through a comprehensive hydrodynamic and sedimentation modelling process
  • Consulted with a wide range of stakeholders to understand the potential future commercial and economic challenges
  • Considered the environmental impacts of possible and potential actions using Strategic Environmental Assessment, Appropriate Assessment and Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
  • Looked at the geophysical attributes of the masterplan area
  • Assessed the engineering challenges and possible investment costs
  • Engaged in an economic analysis to understand future demand and its drivers
  • Prepared financial models for different growth scenarios


The Masterplan seeks to set out a balanced and sustainable ‘menu’ of potential actions across the wide aspect of our activities. The plan is intended to be practical, achievable, modular in nature and respectful to the environment and the many stakeholders and interested parties that interact with us on so many levels.


Port of Waterford is a significant economic facilitator with an important role to play in the economic development of the South East and further afield. To fulfil its role, the Port needs to be positioned to deliver the infrastructure and capacity required of it in a timely manner. At a time of significant short-term uncertainty ( i.e. Brexit) and when we are seeking to find responses to Climate Change and understand the future shape of our agriculture and transportation models, the onus is on us to have well considered plans in place.


We are now engaging in public consultation and feedback will be welcomed from all interested parties including members of the public. All comments and submissions received during the consultation period will be collated and the documents will be reviewed as necessary.

Please provide your feedback on the Masterplan by post (Port of Waterford, Marine Point, Belview Port, Waterford) or by e-mail to me at  by 5pm 31st July 2019.



The Environmental Assessments

(Documents 3 to 7)

Malone O’Regan Environmental (MOR) were commissioned by Port of Waterford to undertake a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for the Masterplan. The SEA was completed in accordance with the EU SEA Directive 2001/42/EC. The main objective of the SEA process is to evaluate development options proposed in the Masterplan to ensure that they provide a high level of protection of the environment and to provide sustainable development. The key output of the SEA is the Environmental Report.


MOR were also commissioned to undertake an Appropriate Assessment to assess the potential adverse effects, if any, of the Masterplan and associated works at nearby sites with European conservation designations (i.e. Natura 2000 sites).  The Appropriate Assessment was completed in accordance with the EU Habitats Directive, which provides the framework for legal protection for habitats and species of European importance. The findings of the Appropriate Assessment process are presented in the Natura Impact Report (NIR).


In addition, a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) was prepared with the aim of determining flood risk within a particular geographical area, in this case, the Masterplan area, and to inform and support strategic planning and development in the area. 

Statutory and public consultation is a key part of the SEA process. Statutory consultation on the scope of the environmental assessments with statutory consultees and other relevant stakeholders was completed during July to August 2018. Feedback from the statutory consultation was included in the Environmental Report, NIR and SFRA.

We are now engaging in public consultation and feedback will be welcomed from all interested parties including members of the public. All comments and submissions received during the consultation period will be collated and the documents will be reviewed as necessary. Following publication of the final version of the Masterplan, an SEA statement will be prepared to summarise the process. 

Please provide your feedback on the SEA Environmental Report, NIR or SFRA to MOR by post (Malone O’Regan Environmental, Ground Floor- Unit 3, Bracken Business Park, Bracken Road, Sandyford, Dublin 18, D18 V4K6) or by e-mail (   by 5pm 31st July 2019.



Thank you


Frank Ronan

Chief Executive