Marine Notices - Pilot Transfer Arrangements and Safe Means of Access

Marine Notices - Pilot Transfer Arrangements and Safe Means of Access

Posted: January 2 2019

Masters, Owners, Operators and Agents of all Vessels calling at the Port of Waterford are hereby reminded of the requirement to provide a safe working environment for Pilots whilst they are on board and during embarkation / disembarkation operations.  

All shipboard appliances used for the embarkation / disembarkation of pilots or other personnel should be kept clean, properly maintained, and should be regularly inspected to ensure that they are safe to use.


Compulsory Pilotage

The Master of any vessel subject to compulsory pilotage, or which requests the service of a Pilot, must ensure that their vessel complies with the requirements for a safe means of access for boarding or landing and that the pilot transfer arrangements are rigged and manned in accordance with SOLAS Chapter V, Regulation 23 and IMO Resolution A.1045 (27). 



Non-Conforming Pilot Transfer Arrangement

Pilots may not board a vessel which has rigged a non-conforming pilot transfer arrangement or if there is no responsible person in attendance. Any pilot not boarding a vessel for such reasons will have the full support and backing from the Port of Waterford Company who are duty bound to inform Port State Control of the deficiency. Vessels which have been refused pilotage will subsequently be asked to anchor in the nearest safe anchorage or refused clearance to sail.