Salvage operation for sunken fishing vessel

Salvage operation for sunken fishing vessel

Posted: January 12 2021

A salvage operation was successful in recovering a sunken fishing vessel south of Duncannon Pier on Friday the 29th January 2021.

An exclusion zone of 500m was in force around the crane barge Lara 1 for the duration of the operation and all vessels instructed to keep well clear of the operation.

The main shipping channel was closed to all traffic from 10:00hrs to midnight.  Full details on Marine Notice 2 (2021)

Aztec, a fishing vessel from West Cork, sunk near Duncannon, Co Wexford on Monday (11th Jan 2021). All persons on board were rescued by another fishing vessel.

Marine Specialists Ltd conducted a dive to examine the vessel  on Tuesday 12th January.  Pollution and contingency plans approved by Irish Coast Guard were put in place, in addition to a wreck marker buoy to mark the location of the wreck and guide mariners to avoid the area.  A Notice to Mariners to this effect was issued by the Port of Waterford Harbour Master.